About Us


Lukas Bagshaw bagged over 3 tons of litter by just taking regular walks around a few bordering North Side neighborhoods over 5 months. He focused primarily on bus stops, alleys, playgrounds, and other areas serving the most people spending time outside.   

A once seemingly insurmountable task quickly turned into blocks and blocks of spotless streets and neighbors more connected as a community. Bags n' Blocks provides those same efficient littler pickup tools to other neighbors creating routines and helps coordinate routes.


Often the response to litter, and neighborhood disrepair more generally, depends on reputation, personal perception and framing of the issues.  Unfortunately, anti-litter campaigns can often become targeted attacks on people of color and the poor.    

Instead, Bags n' Blocks works to identify and help address neighborhood issues stemming from generational poverty, structural racism and influxes of new residents with different relative affluence, culture and shared experiences. Socially harmful ideas will not go away as long as people believe they are true.  


Bags n' Blocks replaces infrequent group cleanups with neighbors coordinating together to routinely maintain their own neighborhoods. Neighbors become Block Baggers by adopting individual Reddup Routes and creating regular routines of litter pickup at least twice a week. 

Creating individual litter pickup routines gives neighbors the opportunity to meet people where they are, form empathetic bonds towards everyone sharing our neighborhoods, and develop a deepened sense of community. Meanwhile, we all benefit from cleaner, healthier neighborhoods!